Mobile Service

All our installations have one year warranty on workmanship and functionality.

We go where your boat is (anywhere in the world.)

All installations and designs comply to ABYC standards.
*On board electrical/electronic system survey.

*Consultation of on board electrical/electronic systems.

*Designing on board complete or partial systems including custom CAD drawing.

*Complete installation of all or part of on board electrical/electronic systems.

*Complete rewiring of older boats AC DC systems

*New boat builders: we can help you develop, complete on board system wiring,including consultation ,design,CAD drawing and installation of AC DC circuits.

*We also sell many of the supplies for installing complete electrical systems on board.

*Electrical fault finding.

*Electrolysis and stray current detections.

Typical on board installations we do:
*auto pilot
*AC/DC refrigeration
*breaker panels
*battery charging management systems
*battery monitoring systems
*battery shore chargers
*alternator charge controllers
*engine wiring
*engine instrument panel
*engine alarm systems
*electric head
*AC outlets
*DC outlets
*solar panels
*solar charge controllers
*wind generators
*wind generator charge controller
*water maker
*radar and communication equipment
*navigation equipment
*galvanic isolators
*Isolator transformers
*and any other electrical on board system you need.

We also offer complete phone and e-mail support including trouble shooting for any installation or design we have done. You will be able to get on your way fast and safe anywhere in the world. All our installations come with one year warranty for workmanship and function.

Phone: 813-601-2922

E-mail: [email protected]

Design and Drawing Services

Some of our custom designs and full color self explanatory and illustrative CAD drawings we had done in the past for our many satisfied costumers.
Up to date easy to read and follow electrical CAD drawing will increase the resell value of your boat.
KI DESIGNS offers complete custom design and drafting services.
AC and DC electrical wiring.
Our self explanatory and illustrative CAD drawings, and well balanced designs, will guide you through  your project.

Helps you install one item or the complete rewiring of your boat.

It will be invaluable if you choose to do it yourself, or decide to hire a local marine electrician .

All designs and drawings get sent to you in PDF file, thru e-mail.

Upon receiving the PDF file it is printable and infinitely enlargeable, for easy understanding and viewing .

Our designs comply to ABYC standards, so you know when you've done, you have a safe and perfectly functioning system.

Easily pass all Marine Survey and Insurance requirements.

We can also assist and advise you to choose the correct equipment for purchasing.

You will avoid any avoidable costly mistakes.

We have over 20 years of experience in design, wiring, and installation therefore we can offer consulting,design, drawing, installation, and back it up by e-mail and phone support.

We also provide guidance/technical support for the installation of our designs trough phone and e-mail.

Low reasonable rates starting at US$65.00/hour.

Phone: 813-601-2922

E-mail: [email protected]